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Lisbon - Zungueiras Festival
19 to 22 - January 2024
All in one avenue
We are proud to present Zungueiras, project dedicated to dance, respect, elegance, strength, well being, music, courage and determination!

Zungueiras Festival

Why you should be present

Zungueiras Festival is proud to present the epic dance and music experience, with 6 renowned DJs, 14 talented dance teachers, yoga and stretching classes to take care of your well-being and provide a holistic experience. We are committed to your satisfaction, we have prepared a 4-star hotel with all the amenities to guarantee your comfort during the festival.

Join us in this celebration of dance, where every person is valued and respected. We are here to welcome you with open arms and make sure you all feel welcome and special

Zungueiras Festival


I'm Zilda and I invite you to come zungar and gingar with elegance

I'm Lanna and I invite you to come zungar and gingar with elegance

I'm Eliza and I invite you to come zungar and gingar with elegance

I'm MaurĂ­cio and I invite you to come zungar and gingar with elegance

Zungueiras Festival


The festival will feature a stellar lineup of DJs renowned for their ability to set the dance floor on fire. From mixing traditional Zungueira beats with modern electronic sounds to spinning international tunes, these DJs will create an electric atmosphere that's bound to get everyone moving.

DJ Adelino

Bringing the vibrant beats of SEMBA as well as other musical styles to liven up the dance floor.

DJ Miro Kikola

His music selection will consist of exciting rhythms that will make your feet rethink the concept of pause.

DJ Carlos King

With all his electrifying flow, he will make you lose yourselves in the waves of his music selection.

DJ Oceano

He brings with him the power of rhythms and will take us on a journey of connection with the dance floor.

DJ Myah

Her mastery over rhythms makes each song take on a life of its own, mesmerising the crowd with her selection.

DJ Cayolla

How to read the dance floor is one of the most important arts and with him each music selection will be the representation of what your body will want to dance.

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